Thoughts On Traveling On The TTC

What has happened to our society? Has it forgotten what common courtesy is? Are manners a thing of the past? I’m really not that old; I still remember what these are! I’ve taken the time to instill this in my daughter, along with respect for yourself and others. So is it wrong for me to assume that others are doing the same?

I’ve noticed that our youth (referring to teens) is very disrespectful. It’s upsetting, to me, to witness what I do on a regular basis. Call me crazy; shouldn’t we give up our seat to the elderly?!? That is not how many of the youth, that I see, think! I see how teens are oblivious to what is happening around them…it’s sometimes difficult to believe they don’t see. Do you believe that across from me, on the other side of the bus, an elderly lady had gotten on and had no where to sit. In front of her, sat three teens heading to school, I assume, and not one of them got up! I decided to stand and to offer my seat….it didn’t even phase the teens! Unbelievable!! Any thoughts?

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