Gene Simmons’s Blood Recipe

Ohhhh!  Ewwww!  I wish I had come up with this one; unfortunately, I can’t take credit.  The great Gene Simmons is the man!  I came across this, while reading the October 2010 (issue 45) of Chill Magazine [the official magazine of The Beer Store].  You can visit their sites: & .  PROUDLY CANADIAN!

Given that Halloween is just a few weeks away, you might want to consider whipping up a batch of blood to use!  Here’s the recipe:


6 Eggs, shells and all, 1/2 cup Strawberry yogurt, 1/3 cup Cottage Cheese (preferably with pineapples), 4 Squirts red food colouring, 1/2 cup extra thick maple syrup, 3 Heaping tablespoons Corn Starch


  • In a two-quart saucepan, combine eggs (shells and all), strawberry yogurt, cottage cheese, maple syrup and corn starch.
  • Heat over low flame for 15 minutes, stirring frequently.
  • Add red food colouring, stir, and cover.
  • Cook on low flame for 5 minutes, or until mixture takes on a thick consistency.


I think that you can have a lot of fun with this one!  Enjoy!!

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