Fall Drive

Have you gone for a beautiful Fall Drive yet?  I know.  I love summer just as much as the next guy; however, my favourite time of the year is the Fall.  I love sunny summer days but find the intense humidity a little too much for me.  Fall is what it is all about!!!  There are still beautiful, sunny days but you can breathe, and you can enjoy outings without being completely “soaked” in sweat before you even get to your car!  Besides the temperature, I find Fall to be stunning!  The changing leaves (red, yellow, orange, etc.) always put me in a happy state.  Yes summer is over, and ew winter is coming…I choose to enjoy the now.  Have you stopped to enjoy the view?  To me, it’s as if God has painted a picture: sheer perfection.  A long drive is in order; I try to take at least one every autumn.  Perhaps a drive to the Muskoka region?  Too far?  Well; yesterday I drove to Markham (round trip 2+ hours), and although I was on an errand, I still got to enjoy the scenery!  The leaves aren’t all done changing, but they’re beginning to!  I love it!  I truly do.

It’s time for my family to plan a few Fall Trips: a drive to the North, a quick trip to St. Jacob’s, and an afternoon at an apple orchard!  Mmmmmm, apples.  Mmmmmm, apple pie.

Do you have any trips planned?  Any ideas on how to enjoy Fall to the fullest?  Share your favourite places to visit this fall; you might inspire someone to take a Fall Drive to somewhere they’ve never been to!

There’s so much to look forward to.  If you take a little break from your busy lives, you might find a bit of time to enjoy life.  Plan a picnic.  Go for a walk.  Play hide-n-seek.  Step away from the TV and computer!  They’ll still be there when you get back….promise.  Grab your child(ren) and get out there!  Go!


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