This is interesting…

I just read an ad by Terracycle.  If you are like me, you’re probably wondering who/what Terracycle is?  According to their add, they take used drink pouches (like Kool-Aid Jammers, and Del Monte Juice) and make affordable, eco-friendly products that are durable and fun!  Have you seen those totes made of drink pouches?  I have seen them being toted around Toronto and have thought them to be very colourful and, well actually, quite “cool”!

I think “cool” is what Terracycle is doing.  As a way to: earn money for charity, help the environment, and to teach kids about recycling, Terracycle has come up with a wonderful solution!  They’re offering to pay two cents to a school, community group, or non-profit group of your choice for every empty drink pouch you collect and send in.

As a parent, I say visit!  Get involved! Get active!  I’m not on the Parent Committee at my daughter’s school; however, I’ll be passing this into to them!

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