Tuesday Talk – September 21, 2010

Today’s Tuesday Talk I thought I might try to be brave and share intimate thoughts.  Going through my things, I came across a poem I wrote.  I’m a little hesitant; however, I have decided to share it with you:

(no making fun!)…


Untitled Poem

Drowning in a sea of emotions I gasp for air; struggling for something to hold onto.

Suffocating waves crash down on me and keep me from breathing.

I yearn for peace, love and happiness…something impossible to find in these deep, cold, moving waters.

Friends disappear quickly like waves crashing on the seashore.

Somehow I find the surface and eagerly break through. Managing to float, I feel the sun’s rays on my face and simply smile.



…. and a Haiku I wrote:

Today I can smile.
Warm sun rays shine on my face,
Worries melt away.


Have you written any poetry?  I’d love for you to share it here on My Bits and Bleeps!


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