Reason for the Name of My Blog

You may be wondering why I called my blog “My Bits and Bleeps”; you may not have wondered at all!  I feel like I should try to explain.  I’ll do my best.

 I really enjoy shopping (what girly girl doesn’t?).  What’s even more exciting is to find a great deal, or score big at a sale.  Right?  Now slap on some coupons…Woot!  Woot!  Discovering freebies, contests, and sweepstakes was a natural progression for me.  I’ve been quite fortunate, at times, and have won many contest prizes.  Some may say that I have a horse shoe tucked away neatly somewhere!  I don’t recall acquiring a horse shoe ever; however, I do believe that if you don’t enter, then you can’t win.  The question that triggers a reaction in me is “Why?” and, I instinctively reply, “Why Not?”  That’s how all my fun first began.

 It helps to genuinely enjoy discovering all that “fun” and, so, why not share all that great information with others?  I love it.  I love sharing great finds with my friends and family.  I also love trying products, or reading books, and then sharing my reviews.  It’s amazing all that I’ve reviewed and all that I’ve won so far.  When I get samples, or wins, very often I share (or give) them to others…they feel great, I feel great, and I feel great that they feel great!!  It’s such a WIN/WIN situation!

 Before I knew it, I became a “go to”… you know, “go to” her when you want to find out about products, giveaways, contests, coupons, sales, etc. etc. etc.!

I think it’s great; however, I was getting a bit tired of sending all the information I discovered to all my friends via emails, word of mouth, or by posting on several community blogs.  I came to the conclusion that starting my own blog would be an easier way to share all the info.  This way, everyone could sign up by email or by the RSS feed and I could reach everyone at the same time!  Fantastic eh?  Yeah, I thought so.


 It became time to pick a name for my blog.  Initially, I wanted to choose “My Tid Bits”, but all the “Tid Bits” variations were already taken.  So that’s when I came up with “My Bits and Bleeps”!!  Why “Bits and Bleeps” you ask?

 Bits      –           Bits of information (including reviews)

Bleeps  –           Bleeps = (*! @#*) any negative information (including reviews)

 It was going to be a temporary name, but now I’ve grown to love it!  What do you think?

 Now all this blog stuff is very new to me.  I don’t think I could’ve started it all up without the help from Nolie’s Place.  Not only was she very kind, and helpful…she also went out of her way to offer me some great assistance.  For that, I thank her so very much.  It truly is appreciated.  (P.S. Nolie, I may need your help every now and again!!!)

 I certainly didn’t expect to have my blog grow up so quickly.  I didn’t even expect it to turn into the blog that it’s turning out to be!  I won’t complain.  I’m really enjoying this, and hope you all do too!  There really is no purpose to a blog if no one is reading it…don’t you agree?

 Throughout the growing stages, I ask that you be patient with me.  I’m still learning/discovering new things.  Please do not hesitate to comment, or to contact me with any comment or questions…and if you come across any errors on the blog, please let me know so I can fix them.

 Thank you so much for your time.  Happy Reading and Participating!!

 Don’t forget to take advantage of all the deals, and feel free to share this blog with all of your friends too.


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