Are you a Blogger looking to join a review network?

Blog Friendly PR  I just signed up for Blog Friendly PR!  Thought I’d share with you what they offer.

Here’s What They Offer:

Business & PR Contacts Join Us HERE

We want to help you connect with influential bloggers that will demonstrate to clients just how powerful social media can be. Our bloggers are active on twitter, facebook, StumbleUpon, and various other social media outlets. The sky’s the limit when you work with us!

We can work together to create:

– Mom Ambassador Programs:  Take your brand to the next level, with a customized program for our mom bloggers!

– Reviews & Giveaways: Showcase your clients products on highly visible blogs around the country.

– Ad Sales: We can help you secure ad spots that are proven to reach your target audience.


Bloggers join the review network HERE

Bloggers subscribe to “The Pitch List” HERE

Do you enjoy using your influence to share cutting edge products and resources? Are you looking for creative pitches for blog content, that respects your worth as a blogger and compensates your hard work?

We only share the best public relations has to offer!

Get the word out about BFPR so we can better serve you!

Have you worked with a PR rep or company?  Feel free to mention us to them as a place to connect with other bloggers.  We are always looking to expand our database.

Post our badge on your blog and share a post with yout readers about what we do!

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