Tuesday Talk – 14/09/10

Wow, it’s been quite the week!  I completed a few reviews, went to several appointments, did all my (my daughter’s) homework, and celebrated my first year anniversary with my partner.

The first couple of weeks of school can be quite hectic.  Anxiety, stress, routine, forms to fill, shopping, and homework nightmares!  I’m trying to help my daughter manage her time better…I’m not being so successful.  Do you have any suggestions?  I must be honest, I’m struggling with this one!  ADHD is the culprit, I know.  I just don’t want my daughter to get into the habit of using it as an excuse.  I know that people can live with their ADHD, if they discover the strategies that work for them.   It’s a struggle to get a young child to understand all this….all they think is “I’m dumb”, or “I can’t do it”, or even “I just don’t get it”.  In fact, people with ADHD are quite intelligent.  Struggle or not, it’s my job (as mom) to help her get through it all. 

How about you?  What kind of struggles do you face with your kid(s)?

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