Tuesday Talk – September 8, 2010

So here I am, on a late Tuesday night, thinking up of a weekly theme post. I thought I’d be really creative…I came up with: TUESDAY TALK. Wow, eh? I figured it would be a post where I could just talk about random topics, or vent about certain happenings.

You all know that today was the first day back to school in Ontario. I survived it! Have you? I must confess, I am exhausted with all the “back-to-school” shopping. Have you purchased everything on the “list”? OK, REALLY, I have a problem with something!!!!! My daughter is starting grade 7, and the “list” states that a Scientific Calculator is necessary!! Really? REALLY?? Are you kidding me?????!!! Kids fresh out of grade 6 still don’t know their multiplication tables!!! Some can’t even write a paragraph without help!!! Wow. Yes, I did purchase that Scientific Calculator and fear the day that she comes home to ask me for help. I can see it now: her “deer caught in the lights” look, and her screaming “Help Me!! I Don’t Get It!!”. OMG!! Homework nightmares: here I come.

I think I’m going to need a lot of help. Please give me some suggestions on how to cope. You’ll be helping me, and all the other mommies out there!

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