It’s OK To Take It Slow #healthfirst

Sometimes you need to take it slow.  Lately I haven’t really felt like blogging about anything. I have been tired, I have been distant, and I just haven’t been myself. I realise that life can be challenging and you really have to be present and it for it to count.

My health situation has been very upsetting for me; as you know, I recently had to undergo surgery in order to remove the various tumours that I had on my ovaries. You also know about the post-operation infection that occurred. Now, I am faced with even more!
I have a ganglion cyst at my joint, on my thumb. That’s just painful…I don’t really have to worry about it unless it gets large!I do; however, have to worry about my back. In September I’ll be getting a cortisone shot in my spine. I hope it’ll lessen the pain that I’m in. If it does, it should work for a three month period. If it doesn’t work then I will be looking at having to have spinal surgery. Yay me.

So now you know what I am going through and why I have been distant and why I haven’t really been present in the blogging world. I apologize for not having regular posts as of late but I am hoping that you understand my circumstances.

Fall Fashion Fun at @JoeFresh #BTS #JoeFresh 

As summer is coming to an end we are faced with the job of picking back to school and back to work clothing. You might not know where to shop but I know where to go! You can go to Joe Fresh and you will find a great selection of back to school and back to work attire that will flatter you, that you will love, and that’s economical.

Disclosure: I have been compensated to share this post. The opinions on this blog are my own.

These pieces are timeless … you will wear them over and over again. I personally took a trip to the Joe Fresh store and tried on a variety of outfits and was thrilled with all of them. I took home a few pieces that I know I will love and I want to share that experience with you.Check out my video on YouTube [ ] of my recent trip; you’ll see why I love Joe Fresh! Even someone older (I’m 48) and someone my size (L) can sport the Joe Fresh look. Comfortable, stylish, fashionable pieces that are easy to care for … that’s what I’m looking for.Bring modern elegance to workplace dressing; that’s exactly how you would sum up Joe Fresh. Their sense of femininity, soft fabrics, great prints, and fluid silhouettes is what encompasses the Fall season.
You need to round out your Fall wardrobe and bring glamour to everyday casual looks and you can do it easily!

My household doesn’t have any “little ones” but if it did I’d be thrilled to dress them in Joe Fresh kids attire. Have you seen the Fall line-up?!  Oh my, so adorable!!