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Jeannine Miranda 11.jpg  I am a Canadian mommy to a “teen-aged”, beautiful girl, challenged with ADHD, ODD, and GAD.  That is enough to fill anyone’s day; however, I have other duties as well!  My four “roles” keep me busy, but I actually love it!

I live in Toronto, Ontario.  Having many friends, and family members across North America, I enjoy sharing various types of information with everyone.  I’ll be posting bits of information that I’ve come across, and have found interesting, or helpful.  It’s up to you to read the “fine print” and evaluate the validity and usefulness!

I also love participating, and posting reviews of various products and books.  Along with everyday “mommy” blog topics, and hosting the occassional giveaway … it helps to keep things interesting!  You may be surprised though, I am very flexible and enjoy so many things, you’ll never know what will happen next!  I enjoy trying out new products and sharing my experience.  The power of mom/dad bloggers to influence buying decisions is indisputably effective.

Please contact me at  mybitsandbleeps@gmail.com  if you’d like me to consider your product for a review, or if you’d like me to host a giveaway.  I look forward to working with you.

Note:  Any information posted, is done so with the belief that it provides some value/usefulness to my readers.  Having said this, My Bits and Bleeps is not a professional in any area and will not be held responsible for what readers choose to do, in turn, with this information, or for any possible effects due to anyone deciding to experiment with any aforementioned product mentioned on this site.

My Bits and Bleeps’ opinion may/may not change at any point.



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