Monday Mumblings – July 28, 2014

Whoa, I’m really tired.  Tired, or not, I have to push through it all in order to get a few posts completed and set to go live..

I was thinking, with my daughter’s absence, that I’d have extra time to dedicate to the blog.  No.  This may not seem like a huge thing, but, since I’ve had to deal with the insurance companies (about two of our cars) I’ve really had to struggle to get stuff done.  Why, yes, I did say 2 cars!

A week after the slashing of our soft-top on the sports car, our Jeep suffered a crash!  The Jeep was parked in a parking lot and someone crashed into the back!  Thankfully no one was in our car when it happened.  Anyway, when we returned to our Jeep, the person was still there and all necessary reports were taken care of … so no worries about accountability there, but, talk about bad luck!!  Dealing with Insurance companies can be tiring.  You know the deal, phone calls, waiting, follow-up, and repeat!  Finally, our Jeep is being repaired.  We should have it back in 7 days.

By the way, the soft-top has been replaced.  Instead of a red soft-top on the red sports car, we now have a black soft-top on the red sports car.

Whew!  This mess is being taken care of; as you can see, but it’s taken a toll on our emotions, on our patience, and our life!  No wonder I’m feeling tired!

About My Bits and Bleeps

Canadian Mommy, Wife, Friend, and Blogger! I enjoy sharing information with family and friends! I'll be posting bits of information that I've come across and have found interesting or helpful.
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2 Responses to Monday Mumblings – July 28, 2014

  1. fredamans says:

    Can’t say I blame you. Take a much needed rest.

  2. mrdisco1 says:

    accidents are so stressful to deal with

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