Tuesday Talk – April 17, 2012

The weekend went by so quickly for my household.  I’ve had so much to take care of in such a short amount of time:

– My partner’s birthday
– My daughter’s still recovering from her surgery
– My partner was sick with a cold (and gave it to me!)
– I am sick with a cold
– I had to do my mom’s taxes
– My mom has gone away on vacation

If you’re lucky, like me (I say this while rolling my eyes), you have no assistance when you’re sick.  That means that everyone you know acts as if you aren’t sick, and expect you to do everything that you normally do, without offering to help!  Yes, it doesn’t matter that I feel like an eighteen wheeler has run over me a couple of times; oh no!  Sick, or not, I still have to clean, grocery shop, cook, do the dishes, do the laundry, get this, get that, etc., etc., etc.

Yesterday was my first break.  My daughter finally went back to school, my partner went to work, and I got to sleep in for an extra hour!  I hate being sick.

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Canadian Mommy, Wife, Friend, and Blogger! I enjoy sharing information with family and friends! I'll be posting bits of information that I've come across and have found interesting or helpful.
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One Response to Tuesday Talk – April 17, 2012

  1. I hope you feel better soon. (((hugs)))

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