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Painting is one of the top do-it-yourself projects in Canada – it’s inexpensive, making it ideal for budget-minded families, and fairly easy.  But challenges related to ceilings and high spots on walls, trim around windows and doors and the difficulty of cleaning up all conspire to make a fun project painful. SHUR-LINE makes painting easy with products like their Easy Reach® Pole, Easy Release™ Frame and their Edge Like a Pro™ trimmer.


One of the toughest parts of painting a room is reaching ceilings and the high spots on walls.  This is why SHUR-LINE has produced the Easy Reach® pole.  While painting, a simple click of a button allows for easy adjustment of the length of the pole – up to double its length – from 30” to 60”.  After clicking the button, simply pull the handle in one direction to extend the pole an equal amount in the other direction and it adjusts and locks into place at various lengths.   The Easy Reach® pole has a universal threaded tip that fits multiple accessory attachments.  The soft foam handle provides added comfort and includes a built-in notch to hang the pole up for easy storage.


  • Easy one-step extension
  • Universal threaded tip for multiple accessory attachments
  • Soft foam handle for added comfort
  • Patented design cannot be duplicated
  • Extends from 30″ to 60″

To truly appreciate the patented innovation of the SHUR-LINE Easy Reach® pole, please go to:

Extendable Pole Makes Painting Hard to Reach Places Easy

Innovative adjustment system locks into place while painting

The new SHUR-LINE Easy Reach® poles are available at Home Depot, Home Hardware and Lowes with a suggested retail value of $29.99.

#08609 Squeeze the Easy Release lever for mess-free cover removal.

We must all agree that one of the most tiresome parts of painting is at the end of the job – the dreaded clean up.  Pulling paint rollers from the frame is messy work as the paint oozes onto hands and clothes.

SHUR-LINE’s Easy Release™ roller frame provides do-it-yourself painters with a simple solution for quick and easy clean up.  The Easy Release™ frame is designed with a lever system that allows the user to release the roller cover for cleaning or disposal.  With one squeeze of the lever the roller cover is released from the frame, eliminating the need to pull the paint-filled roller off the frame while saving time and avoiding a mess.  Equipped with a patent pending cage design, the Easy Release™ frame also prevents the roller cover from slipping off the frame and it works with any standard roller cover.  The soft, ergonomic handle is designed for comfort, prevents hand fatigue and features a threaded end for use with an extension pole.

To truly appreciate the innovation of the SHUR-LINE Easy Release™ frame, please go to:

The new SHUR-LINE Easy Release™ Frame is available at Lowes with a suggested retail value of $8.98.

SHUR-LINE Easy Release Frame Eliminates Messy Project Clean Up

A huge challenge in trimming a room is keeping paint off the wheels of two wheeled edgers and ultimately off the trim.  Edge Like a Pro™ features a retractable guide that lifts the wheels out of the way when paint is being applied.  This design allows the user to put the proper amount of paint on to the pad for mess-free loading and edging – eliminating the need to use painter’s tape along baseboards, crown molding, doors, windows and ceilings.


Edge like a Pro™ also features a pad ejection system that allows the user to remove the paint-filled pad with the push of a button, making it much easier to clean than traditional edgers.  The premium woven pad is replaceable or can be reused after cleaning.  The Edge Like a Pro™ features an ergonomic handle that swivels and can be used in a hand held manner.  It is also threaded for attachment to all standard poles.

The SHUR-LINE Edge Like a Pro™ ceiling and trim paint edger is available at The Home Depot, Lowes and Home Hardware stores for a suggested retail price of $5.49.

Edge Like a Pro Makes Trimming a Room Easy

New SHUR-LINE edger eliminates the need for painter’s tape

My Review:   SHUR-LINE has made painting so much easier with their helpful products:  Easy Reach® Pole, Easy Release™ Frame and their Edge Like a Pro™ trimmer.  I happily accepted, when SHUR-LINE contacted me to offer a free trial kit (including the above-mentioned products) so that I could see how effective their products are.  My daughter’s room needed painting, and these items were exactly the kind of “push” I needed to encourage me to get the job done!  I had heard of SHUR-LINE but really didn’t know too much about them … SHUR-LINE is a leading designer and manufacturer of paint application products.  A Newell Rubbermaid company with Canadian Headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario, Shur-Line markets a full line of innovative paint application and paint-related products for do-it-yourself consumers and professional contractors under the Rubbermaid and Shur-Line brands.  They know exactly what the end user needs, and have delivered it with flying colours!  My job (ahem, my partner’s job) was made easy and even enjoyable.   I’ve even put the pole to good use, around the house!  The threaded end is a standard size so I attached other household cleaning tools to the end, used the extender,  and was able to clean my walls and ceilings effortlessly.

  … suprise!!  Shur-Line has teamed up with My Bits and Bleeps to provide you with a giveaway that’s open for My Bits and Bleeps Canadian readers only!  (valued at over $50).

ENTER TO WIN a $50 prize pack from Shur-Line!!
When Does it Start/End?  time of post – 28/03/12 8pm ET

Terms and Conditions: Open to Canadian residents.  All entries will be verified.  1 winner will be drawn using .  Winner will be notified by email and blog announcement; you will have 48 hours to confirm before a new winner is chosen. Prize will be shipped directly from the sponsor. This giveaway ends  March 28th at 8:00 pm ET. Winner will be required to provide their full name, address and telephone number which will be provided to the sponsor.

NOTE:  My Bits and Bleeps will not be held liable for any potential loss, damage or undelivered status of the prize.

MANDATORY:  Leave a comment telling me what project you’ll be tackling with Shur-Line products (+1)

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A special thank you goes out to Shur-Line and Footprint Partners for sponsoring this giveaway.

Disclaimer:  SHUR-LINE and Footprint Partners have provided me with product samples , free of charge to facilitate my review, as well as a giveaway prize.  I have not been paid for this post.  A positive review is not required.  Any opinion expressed is my own, and is given freely.
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