Tuesday Talk – July 12, 2011

Are you crafty?  Does everything you touch come out perfectly?

I’m creative; however, being “crafty” doesn’t come completely natural to me.  Oh, I’m good with languages, good with writing, I may even have a “flare” for ideas …. actually producing finished crafts, not so much.  I can crochet a straight line (don’t know what anything is called), and if you go “back and forth” you can end up with a scarf or a shawl!  Other than that, well let’s just say, “the buck stops here”. 

I have managed to knit 2 beautiful baby sweaters (with the help of a friend); can I do it today?  NO.  I don’t even remember how to get the yarn on the knitting needles!  I’ve sewn pretty skirts, and tops (with the help of my mom, or the help of a friend); can I do it on my own today?  NO.

So I stick to dreaming.  It’s free to dream.  I also stick to doing what comes naturally to me: writing.  I maintain my blog, I write in my journal, and I go so far as to even do little collages.  That’s the extent of it.

For those of you that are fabulous with their hands, there is a site (for crochet lovers) that I enjoy popping into every so often:  Crochet with Raymond.  I think Alice is very talented; her blog has such beautiful, colourful photography.  You can even view  ***Links to her patterns and tutorials!***, like her:

I might be brave enough to try one of her tutorials, one day.

What do you think?  Will you try making one of her patterns?


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